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&lt;div style=&quot;padding: 2.5ex; text-align: center; font: bold x-large sans&quot;&gt;Openmoko™ - Open. Mobile. Free.&lt;/div&gt;

&lt;div style=&quot;text-align: center&quot;&gt;[[GTA01:Neo_1973|Neo 1973]] | [[Neo Freerunner]] | [[GTA04|Phoenux (GTA04)]]&lt;/div&gt;

'''Openmoko™''' is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. Openmoko was formerly associated with Openmoko Inc, but is nowadays simply a gathering of people with the shared goal of &quot;Free The Phone&quot;. Distributors are currently selling updated versions of the Openmoko Inc's phone released in 2008, [[Neo FreeRunner]], to advanced users, while the software stack for FreeRunner and future free phones is being developed by the community. In 2012, the [[GTA04|modern 3.5G / OMAP3 upgrade to FreeRunner and an upgraded OpenPhoenux aka GTA04 Complete is now available]].

* [[Introduction]]
* [[Why Openmoko|Why Openmoko?]]

[[More Information]]

===Get Involved===
Openmoko is a project driven by a community of passionate and intelligent volunteers. If you have the ability, please contribute to our cause. Openmoko's ambitions far exceed the resources available. 

* [[Community Resources]]
* [[Gta02-core|Create a new hardware revision of the gta02 hardware]] with completely free software tools for the hardware creation
* [[GTA04|Follow the ”GTA04” project by Golden Delicious Computers]]
* [[Create User Manuals]] for [[Distributions]] and [[Applications]]
* Enhance the multi-device multi-vendor [[FSO]] middleware.

===How To Purchase===
The Neo FreeRunner is sold by various [[distributors]] around the world.

If you have FreeRunner already, [ GTA04 pre-order page is open!] - ''only'' if enough people will pre-order, mass-market GTA04 will become reality. Please spread the word to your FreeRunner owning friends.

See [[Getting Openmoko]] for more information.


====Latest News====

[[News Archive|more news...]]

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